Parking Costs Overview

How do we calculate the amount of days?

An example: you want to park from the 1st of February at 11:00 until the 3rd of February at 21:00. This will be 3 days in total and the price involved will be 3 x our dayprice (currently €8,00) totalling € 24,00. However you will receive discount percentage over this total which increases as the duration of the parking period lengthens. In fact, the above mentioned period doesn't cost €24,00 but a much cheaper €17,00.

Camper vans

You are most welcome to park your camper van with us as well. You can book your parking space also with this website if you like. You will find the same price as for normal cars for this in your reservation, but for camper vans over 5 meters we will charge an extra 50% on top of the price that is showed in your reservation. Please take this in account. We don´t want to surprise you at the airport with unexpected costs.

Terminals Best Parking Rates

1 / 10 days

1 day€8,00
2 days€13,00
3 days€17,00
4 days€20,00
5 days€22,00
6 days€24,00
7 days€26,00
8 days€29,00
9 days€33,00
10 days€36,00

11 / 20 days

11 days€40,00
12 days€43,00
13 days€45,00
14 days€48,00
15 days€49,00
16 days€50,00
17 days€52,00
18 days€53,00
19 days€54,00
20 days€56,00

21 / 30 days

21 days€58,00
22 days€60,00
23 days€62,00
24 days€63,00
25 days€64,00
26 days€65,00
27 days€66,00
28 days€67,00
29 days€68,00
30 days€70,00

1 month / 1 year

1 month€70,00
2 months€104,00
3 months€141,00
4 months€170,00
5 months€191,00
6 months€200,00
1 year€280,00

About Us

We offer a reliable service and professionalism 24/7 which include transfer to the airport which is a minute away. Our main goal is punctuality and safety, of course all in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Where are we N-338, direction El Altet to the airport, next to the airport terminal, right behind the Galp petrol station.
Latitud: 38.289851
Longitud: -0.550582